Tevis Congrats

Congratulations to all the riders who finished Tevis this year!

Extra congratulations go out to Mel Faubel and Farley and Karen Chaton and Bo for completing the ride in Renegade Glue-Ons!    This is two years in a row now that Renegade boots have finished Tevis.

Barefoot is a movement that is here to stay, as evidenced by the number of booted horses that I understood were at Tevis this year.  I’m thrilled about how many riders are taking that step and booted — and not just in endurance.  The park I do most of my riding at hosts a lot of casual trail riders, and it’s exciting to see how many of them are in boots as well.  I’ve had quite a few people stop me out on the trail or in the parking lot to ask me about boots, and it’s been a delight to see how many of them end up showing up in boots.

Many hikers we come across on trail are also intrigued when they look at our horses’ feet, and I’ve found the explaination that the boots are “like hiking boots for horses” tends to be both easily understood and entertaining.

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