Tevis webcast

I’ll be following the Tevis via the webcast today:


Funnily enough, last year when I was at Tevis,  iwas texting back and forth with my dad, who was at home following the webcast.  He often knew more than I did about how was where and who was pulled, ironically, and we keeping me in the loop.

I’ve got quite a few people I know riding this year that I’ll be cheering for.  Keep your fingers crossed and send your best wishes to:

#49 Karen Chaton & Bo
#64 Melinda Faubel & Farley
#98 Jonni Jewell & Hank
#114 Julia Lynn-Elias & Trinity
#138 Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss & Hadji
#177 Rusty Toth & Stoner
#179 Lory Walls & Alex

Good luck to everyone riding Tevis this year, and have a fun and safe ride!

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