Liberterra KGL

45 “Liberty”

2006 Shagya x Arabian mare
(Janos [Shagya] x Justa Inspiration [Arabian])
Dark Bay

60 AERC Limited Distance miles





Behind the Name:
Libre /ˈlbrə/ in English is adopted from the various Romance languages, ultimately descending from the Latin word līber; its origin is closely related to liberty. It denotes “the state of being free”, as in “liberty” or “having freedom”.

terra f (genitive terrae)

  1. ground, dry land
  2. earth, soil, dirt
  3. Earth’s surface (dry land and sea together)
  4. the world, the globe, earth as a celestial object
  5. a land, a region, a country, a territory

Put together in a way I’m sure Latin was never intended to go and you get Liberterra — “land of the free.” It was my own naming convention — she came with “Liberty” and I experimented with different options before being satisfied with this iteration, and one that is most appropriate for an endurance horse who spends a lot of time on the land. And ‘KGL’ as a nod to her breeders, Kirt and Gina Lander — aka, “my bosses at Renegade Hoof Boots.”

Liberty was a “love at first ride” “click” horse for me — the first I connected to as strongly as I did Mimi. I catch rode her for a few years, off and on, and although our result in endurance have been a bit rough, due mostly in part to under-preparedness and a pinch of bad luck, it’s been nonetheless enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do together in the future. Time will tell if she’s another “heart horse” but I know she’s carved out and reserved a portion of my heart already.