Liberterra KGL



2006 Shagya x Arabian mare
(Janos [Shagya] x Justa Inspiration [Arabian])
Dark Bay

85 AERC Limited Distance miles

Behind the Name:
Libre /ˈlbrə/ in English is adopted from the various Romance languages, ultimately descending from the Latin word līber; its origin is closely related to liberty. It denotes “the state of being free”, as in “liberty” or “having freedom”.

terra f (genitive terrae)

  1. ground, dry land
  2. earth, soil, dirt
  3. Earth’s surface (dry land and sea together)
  4. the world, the globe, earth as a celestial object
  5. a land, a region, a country, a territory

Put together in a way I’m sure Latin was never intended to go and you get Liberterra — “land of the free.” It was my own naming convention — she came with “Liberty” and I experimented with different options before being satisfied with this iteration, and one that is most appropriate for an endurance horse who spends a lot of time on the land. And ‘KGL’ as a nod to her breeders, Kirt and Gina Lander — aka, “my bosses at Renegade Hoof Boots.”

Liberty was a “love at first ride” “click” horse for me — the first I connected to as strongly as I did Mimi. I catch rode her for a few years, off and on, and although some of our early results in endurance were a bit rough, due mostly in part to under-preparedness and a pinch of bad luck, it was nonetheless enjoyable, and a learning experience, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do together in the future, but our 2021 “restart” together has started off strong. It only took a few months of owning her for her to know I’ve been fortunate enough to find another “heart horse.”