P1020266Ashley Wingert

I am a native Arizonan, currently residing in the Valley of the Sun. I’ve had a lifelong passion for horses that started well before my first riding lessons at age seven, and has only intensified in the years since. My background is in all-around versatility performance and training in both Western and English disciplines via a number of years of showing in the Pony of the Americas Club.

I currently participate in long-distance endurance riding and competition, after starting competitive trail riding in 2001, and then endurance in 2005. I love the flexibility that endurance offers: everything from slowly bringing up a youngster, to enjoying the trail on a seasoned horse, or to being able to be highly competitive at upper-level mileage.

Aside from riding and herd-tending, I enjoy trail running, cooking, dabbling in fiction writing, and being bossed around by my Decker Rat Terriers, Artemis and Sofie.

I work for Lander Industries, makers of the Renegade® Hoof Boot line. I’m an aficionado of the barefoot hoof and performance hoof booting, and am constantly seeking to education on all matters of equine performance and lifestyle. I serve as a customer service representative, assisting in fitting, sizing, and troubleshooting, and coordinate all social media pages and sites.


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