Pony Pedicures

I have to say, I’m completely tickled about doing my own hoof trimming.  It’s been a little over a year now since we started doing our own trimming entirely, and I love the sense of accomplishment that comes from having horses that aren’t at all sensitive, and have even been able to start doing some training rides entirely barefoot.

With not riding much this summer, their hooves haven’t needed as much regular work.  About six weeks ago, we took the plunge into getting our first set of proper hoof nippers to make the times we were trimming much, much easier.  (Try trimming hooves in the summer in the desert…you’ll understand.)  That, combined with a brand-new SaveEdge rasp, have made my trimming life so. much. easier

It’s been about three weeks since their last trim, and they had some hoof that needed to come off today.  Especially Mimi.  Her high pony heels were getting a bit ridiculous.  It’s an ongoing battle, one I can never really let up on, to keep her heels where they should be.

Beamer’s feet look awesome right now.  He’s been needing to shed some sole out for the last month, but like a good girl, I’ve left it alone until it was ready to come out on its own.  The past week of rain and humidity did the trick, and when I picked out his hooves today, large amounts of dead sole flaked out without any extra encouragement.  Beautiful, fresh sole underneath…perfect!  Toe callus still intact and not going anywhere…also perfect!  He needed some sidewall taken down, and his toes trimmed back. 

One of these days, I will remember to bring a camera down to the barn again and get some updated pictures of their hooves.  I’m beyond thrilled with how they look, even if we’re not riding that much at the moment.  *sigh*  Still battling Beamer’s face wound, although his shoulder is looking really good…almost healed…maybe another week and that will be good to go.  Really, really hoping to get out and ride next weekend.

I’m on break from school for the next three weeks, and will be using that time to at least do some hated arena work with Mimi.  Although I just discovered today that her little pea-head is even tinier than I imagined, and that I actually need to get her a new bit if I want to do any proper schooling…all the bits I own are about 1/2″ too big.  Only took me 13 years to figure that one out…*eye roll*  Unfortunately, 4-1/2″ Myler bits aren’t all that easy to come by…I’ll be on the eBay prowl for one of those now.

Nine weeks until Man Against Horse in October…at this point, I’m making no hard-and-fast plans of going.  That way, if I do happen to get to go, it’ll be a pleasant surprise, instead of crushing disappointment.  Can’t have plans go awry if you don’t make them.

That said, I really only have seven weeks to get ready, since I’ll be on vacation for one weekend, and crewing at Sonoita for another.  If I take some time to do arena riding during the week, plus riding on the weekends, I think Mimi would be ready…just in case I do get to go.  *fingers crossed, but not holding my breath*

2 thoughts on “Pony Pedicures

  1. LOL – so hear you about the heels. AFter talking with Kirt, I'm like “really???? you want me to do what do you heels and give my farrier a heart attack????” LOL.

    Kirt said I would need to trim again one week after Tevis because of all the stimulation the hooves got during and he was right! (of course). I need a new save edge rasp because by the time I took her heels down there were little rivers of sweat in the sand underneath me……I just need to remember that the sole doesn't lie….

    Yes! We need more cute pony pics!!!!! I've decided that I'm pony obsessed. And it reeally doesn't matter that Farley is technically a pony, I need a REAL pony like mimi……

  2. After yesterday's antics during trimming, I would have happily given you the pony so you could learn firsthand how “cute” they are when they're being brats. ;)

    But she made up for it today with an awesome session in the arena ths morning. Normally, she can be a pill, but she was so happy to get out and do *something* again that she was an angel.

    And naturally, I forgot my camera. *sigh*

    But it was a great test for yesterday's trim…that was the most heel I've taken off at one time, and while she wasn't sore walking out yesterday, I knew actual riding could make a difference. She was moving beautifully today! Apparently heel trimming was what she needed.

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