Tevis 2012: 9 Weeks and Counting

Okay, so anyone who knows me or has followed this blog for any period of time knows I am a certified (certifiable?) Tevis NUT.  Never mind I’ve not gotten to the point of actually riding it…but just crewing has been enough to get me hooked.  Actually, just reading about it was enough to get me hooked.

And as cliche as it is, wanting to do Tevis was why I got into endurance riding.

So that’s a bit of obligatory backstory.

But I’m super-excited because I get to go up to Tevis again this year!  In an official work capacity, no less.  I’ll be up there several days ahead of time to help with Renegade booting, and then get tons of pictures and generally provide a helping hand to our riders throughout the ride.

In my world, attending the ride is the next best thing to finally being able to ride it.

I’ve already made plans to meet up with a couple of blog-buddies, which is super-exciting, as well as being able to re-connect with friends that are in the area.  If you’re planning to come out to Tevis, either to ride or spectate, come find me!  I’ll be at the Fairgrounds Wednesday and Thursday, booting, then Robie Park Friday, and doing the whole “follow the ride” thing Saturday.  Just look for the bright orange boots!

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