So I didn’t ride this weekend…

My pony got to beat the heat this weekend (113* on Saturday!) and stand around in the shade in front of her fan, while I went out and was the one to work and sweat for a change.

(“About time,” she says.)

My weekend project was helping my parents to consolidate and reorganize our garage.

Today, I’m almost as sore as I am after doing a ride (minus the typical post-ride calf crunchiness), but I got about 10x filthier.

I don’t get this dirty at rides.  But I also usually
wear tights or jeans, not shorts, at rides.

Scarily enough, the pic doesn’t convey the full level of dirt.

But the garage is (mostly) done, and the pony will just have to settle for getting her barn visit this evening.
To make this vaguely horse-related, I ended up finally cleaning out my crew box, because I wanted that nice large plastic box for storage purposes.  I unearthed buried treasures, including my battery-powered glowsticks and one of Dad’s really good lightweight windbreaker/rain jackets.  And BodyGlide.  Never too much BodyGlide.

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