Days of Thanksgiving — Days Twenty-Two thru Thirty

Day Twenty-Two: Epic rainstorms! IMG_5050


Day Twenty-Three: Special work projects like the Rose Parade that I end up putting a lot of time, energy, and attention into — it’s something different and exciting.


Day Twenty-Four: Make-ahead recipes.


Day Twenty-Five: I enjoy good food, and the whole cooking process.


Day Twenty-Six: A day of Thanksgiving, the chance to gather with family and enjoy a meal and each other’s company. And pumpkin cheesecake.


Day Twenty-Seven: Leftovers!!!


Day Twenty-Eight: Boutique alcohol craftsmanship.


Day Twenty-Nine: My mother…on her birthday, and every day. For her support, advice, friendship, and love.


Day Thirty:

my sanity keeper

12132513_10153293978618613_5735334648507416377_o (1)

my hope for the future

2 thoughts on “Days of Thanksgiving — Days Twenty-Two thru Thirty

    • Yep…she’s still up in Kingman at the Lander’s, but the plan is for Gina to bring her to a couple of rides for me this winter. Still looking for options for keeping two horses down here where I’m at.

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