Christmas Shopping, Endurance Edition

Got an endurance rider to shop for? Or is someone asking you what you want/need for the upcoming holidays? Need ideas or suggestions?

Here are some of my favorite things, gathered together as an inspiration list. Some are from my own personal wish list, others are things I have/use that work well and are granted a spot on my “Favorites” list.


brice breastcollar

Taylored Tack Brice Breastcollar. I would really like to get these for both the girls; purple for Mimi and orange for Libby. I’m slowly upgrading all of my tack over to stainless steel hardware, and Taylored Tack is really hard to beat for higher-end, very high quality custom biothane tack.



Renegade Hoof Boots. Pro Tip: If you’re getting these for someone else, it’s helpful to know the size/color before ordering (or at least the hoof measurements). Otherwise, the best thing to do would be create a little certificate or print out a picture of a boot, and then collaborate with that person afterwards to find out what size/color they want.


hay manger

Hay Manger. I have them from both American Trail Gear and Trail Rite. The ATG one is the newest one and hasn’t been subjected to the years of pony abuse that the Trail Rite one has (and I’m amazed how well it has held up) but they’re both really sturdy, solid bags. Excellent for containing hay and preventing it from blowing around and thus feeding all of your neighbor’s horses in ridecamp.


Picture 109

Irideon Synergy Tights. My new favorite in my tights lineup. No, they’re not a wild color. But they are so comfortable, and I love all of the different fabrics. Disclaimer: I have not used them at a ride yet, but they’ve served me well on training rides, and even held up to getting lawn-darted onto decomposed granite trail without any rips or tears.



Heritage Tech Lite Short-Fingers Gloves. I like gloves for the extra grip, but don’t like the loss of fingertip dexterity for things like fastening hoof boots or tack, so I’ve always chopped the fingertips off of any gloves I’ve used. (You can tell I live in an area that doesn’t really get a *real* winter.)


shed flower

Epona Shed Flower. I love these things. More aggressive than a rubber curry for getting rid of post-ride crud, but not as harsh as a metal curry.


paco collars

Paco Collars. For our canine companions. I am drooling over the designs, and leather, and sparklies.



Endurance 101. An excellent idea for someone interested  or just getting started in the sport of endurance.



ID tags. Some of my favorites come from TagMe Pet Tags, where they have everything from lightweight, basic tags to larger, fancier etched brass tags. Suitable for attaching to dog collars, horse halters/bridles/manes, saddle rings, etc.



Coffee mug. Or travel mug. I appreciate drinking my morning coffee (or post-ride drink!) out of a good mug — bonus points for something horsey, and gold stars for endurance-specific mugs handmade by endurance rider Anne York at Starfire Design Studio.



Jingle bells! Okay, just one bell, and it’s more bear bell than jingle bell. Also useful for flushing out birds, possibly alerting other trail users you’re there, and annoying the heck out of your riding partner. ;) Or attach them to the dog to attempt to keep track of them.



photo by Susan Kordish, Cowgirl Photography

Dear Santa, Please bring me a pony. ♥♥♥

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