Days of Thanksgiving — Days Fifteen thru Twenty-One

(Like so many things, I managed to drop the ball on actually staying on top of this on a daily basis. Shocking, I know.)
Day Fifteen: Fuzzy, kissable pony faces! (Even though she says “Please don’t kiss me, Mom, you know I hate that.”) Seriously, though. Super cheerful and well-behaved for hoof trimming and arena schooling.



Day Sixteen: Sofie learning how to play with Artemis and toys.



Day Seventeen: Artemis’s spay surgery was a breeze! (Keeping her quiet for the next week+, however…)


Day Eighteen: Scheming and plotting future ride potential and plans with friends.
Day Nineteen: A quiet day to keep an eye on Artemis.


Day Twenty: *BINGO* day.


Day Twenty-One: Fun times at The Hoof & Hound Expo — I get to do expo and convention stuff for work.IMG_5071IMG_5078

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