pony therapy

Saturday was definitely a Good Day at the barn. The pony and I had a very productive arena session, actively working for over an hour, without her usual ‘tude about the arena. The past couple of rides have been very good for her, both mentally and physically. Hopefully the imminent arrival of summer won’t do too much to dissuade people from wanting to keep getting out and trail riding some more.

And despite the threats…I didn’t actually give her a full soap bath. She got a thorough hosing down, and her hair coat is thin enough once again that I didn’t necessarily feel the need to break out the shampoo. (Just ignore the yellowish tail…)

I still think she’s world’s cutest little mover.

Despite the fact she’ll be 20 this month, overall, she’s doing really well. The vet was out to do spring shots on Monday and he was happy with how she looks. She’s on a perpetual diet, but despite the fact her workload has been drastically cut from what I was several years ago, she doesn’t weigh any more than when we were competing. The biggest difference I see is a little more pasture belly and a few less toned muscles…but she’s earned her competition retirement.

Rockin’ her two-tones.

I’m very excited to be testing an up-and-coming Renegade design. These are the bright green boots that have been seen in my (and some other Renegade endurance riders) ride photos this season. They’re currently being testing in the roughest conditions we can find — the endurance trail — and will be released later this year. The most exciting part is, they fit Mimi perfectly right out of the box. And boots that small? Adorable.

I’ll have more information about the new boots the closer we get to releasing them, but for now, based on testing them since earlier this year, with almost 200 competition miles + training miles in them, I’m very happy with what I’m seeing.

Drying out, post-bath.

Finally, photographic proof that I’m pretty sure my luggage rack has never actually been used for its intended purpose. And while I might not necessarily recommend this for a weekend-long way to secure your pony at ridecamp, it does make a great temporary hitching post for the one who really only needs the illusion of being tied off, but will make a break for it on a ground tie if someone isn’t immediately in the vicinity.

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