bring on the weekend

I’m ready for a couple of days of pony therapy + kitchen therapy.

Most weeks, my reaction is, “Oh, weekend. Okay.”

This week, my reaction is a little closer to, “Oh, weekend. Weekend! Ohmigoshwherehaveyoubeenallmylife?!?

With daytime temperatures pegging close enough to be called “near-summer,” I think a proper bath for the filthy pony is in order. That’ll strip off the last hangers-on of her winter coat, and take care of some of the stains that have been on there since…um…October.

And I’ve found a couple of recipes I want to try this weekend…hand-kneading some bread dough sounds like a really good idea right now.

Gooey chick-flick that requires no brain-power is on the agenda for tonight…no more thoughts about vehicles, mechanics, and all the other various and sundry of the week.

Hi. My turn for fun and games this weekend?

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