Winter, or Something Like It

Weekend Forecast

Updated: Jan 11, 2013, 3:10pm MST

TonightJan 11


52°FObserved High2:05 pm


WSW at 6 mph

SatJan 12

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy


SSW at 6 mph

SunJan 13




N at 4 mph

Would you look at that. Something resembling winter, here in Arizona.

(Gotta love it: We heard all about how 2012 was a record year for heat, nationwide…but somehow, that turned into winter storms apparently being “so bad” that they are deserving of their own names. I’m starting to think the media isn’t happy unless there is drama occurring…and if none if forthcoming, they take something ordinary and spin it into drama.)
I know everyone currently buried under a couple feet of snow (or rain and slop) are probably brandishing snow shovels at me as I write this…but to a native desert rat, anything below 60* is practically arctic. 
It’s all in what you’re used to…conversely, this means I can stand around in the full sun in the middle of the day at Tevis and not completely wilt.
Yes, I’m more of a summer girl. I take better care of myself in the heat: You have no choice but to drink, and take electrolytes, and try not to be too stupid in the heat of the day. In the winter, I do a rotten job of taking care of myself. I know I don’t hydrate well enough. Funny enough, my pony has the same problem. (We liked warmer weather rides better than cold, winter-time rides.)
Oh well. I did finally break down and get some winter riding tights, anticipating needed them for some upcoming ride plans. Never thought I’d end up needing them for around here!
Yes, I said upcoming ride plans.
I’m going to a ride next weekend!!! As in, to ride. Not just show up to volunteer, not just for work…but I get to ride again! More details forthcoming…probably after the ride…but I’ll be riding a friend’s experienced endurance horse as a “babysitter” for the greenie she’s currently training who will be doing his first ride.
It’s the Fire Mountain ride in Ridgecrest, CA. I’m quite excited about it also being my first out-of-state endurance ride. I did quite a bit of out-of-state travel for NATRC rides, but not for any endurance. (Tevis doesn’t count, since it’s crewing, for one…and two, it’s TEVIS. Nothing else is anything like Tevis.) It’ll be curious to see differences in regions, as well as a different kind of desert.
Apparently this ride can be notorious for bad weather…I’ve been stalking the 10-day forecast with bated breath. As of right now, they’re calling for highs in the mid-60s and lows in the mid-30s for the Fri-Sat-Sun I’ll be there. Perfect! And more importantly: 0% chance of rain! (I’ve decided I can actually handle snow better than I can cold rain. But my preference is neither.)
This’ll be my weekend to dig out all of my ride stuff…put my saddle back into “ride shape” (including excavating the contents of my saddle packs…ugh)…find all of my cold-n-wet-weather clothing I have (just in case)…shopping for favorite ride snacks. I also have to finish sewing “stay put” straps onto my saddle pad that likes to migrate. (When it doubt, always order saddle pads with billet straps or some kind of attachment strings…)
Just…don’t tell my pony my plans. She considers me riding any other horse other than her some form of cheating and she gets quite pissy. If she learns I’m doing an actual ride…well, there’ll be no living with her. (At least until I bribe her with a peppermint. Then all is forgiven.)

2 thoughts on “Winter, or Something Like It

  1. We're seeing similar temps here, way too cold. The ground has stayed frozen all day.

    But how awesome, you get to ride, really ride! Can't wait to hear more about the adventure (And I won't say a word to your jealous pony!)

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