the buzz from Bumble Bee

(That was horrible. I apologize for starting the new year off with cheesy, punny post titles.)

I had a blast at the “Lead, Follow or Get Out of My Way at Bumble Bee Ranch” ride (henceforth referred to as the Bumble Bee ride) this weekend. Attending rides is the absolute highlight of my job — I love interacting with riders and had such a great time meeting so many new people this weekend, or finally putting faces with names of folks I’ve either spoken to over the phone or emailed.

Bumble Bee was a new ride, put together by the same management team that does the “Lead, Follow or Get Out of My Way” ride at McDowell Mountain Park in November. I hope Bumble Bee becomes an annual event, because it’s an absolutely gorgeous location with a great basecamp and, from the little bits I saw along the way and based on what I heard from riders, fantastic, beautiful trails.

Friday was my “work” day, being available as a Renegade rep to answer any questions people might have had, check boot fit, make boot adjustments…pretty much anything that pertained to Renegades.

Saturday I was volunteering, which started with me heading out at 0-dark-thirty, navigating via headlights over a 4-wheel-drive road to man a gate that riders would be passing through fairly early on into the ride (within half an hour of the start…not the time to be getting off and wrangling a combo of a gate + fresh horse). I like doing gate work — it’s fun to say hi to all the riders and watch them pass by.

After gate duty, I went scuttling back to camp to start my job as one of the Master Timers. This is the third ride I’ve had that job, and I really like being in the thick of all of the vet check action. Plus, my organized little brain actually enjoys tracking all of the data. Weird, I know.

(I think my ride stories are probably more interesting than volunteer stories…there’s a lot more drama and entertainment as soon as the four-hooved factor gets added in.)

All in all, it was a really fun weekend. I’m really enjoying still being able to go to rides and socialize and reconnect with all my endurance buddies.

Slacker photographer-r-us this weekend, but I got a few pretty pics of ridecamp and such.

The pavilion where dinner and ride meeting was held.
The bucket in the foreground was the P&R area.
The sign really says it all…
Gate duty Saturday AM. Killing time between riders,
jumping up and down trying to keep warm in 30*.
Driving in to ridecamp late Friday morning.
Yes, this is still Arizona.
At least it didn’t involve rain or snow.
Sunrise Saturday AM. 

2 thoughts on “the buzz from Bumble Bee

  1. “Town” is definitely a generous descriptor. I drove through what they call the “town” several times over the weekend…while people do live there, that's about all there is — people. No stores, nothing. They have to do out to the highway and down a ways for any services.

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