Things Ashley is Not Allowed to do at Tevis

I’m theoretically on a two-week break from school right now, although it’s been anything but a break. My computer once again crashed on Tuesday night, for reason still unbeknownst, other than the vague, “bad hard drive.” So much for warranty work.

Fortunately, I was able to get it fixed with overnight service Wednesday, and one new hard drive later, I got my computer back this morning. But by yesterday evening, I was drained from all the stress and trauma associated with yet another computer crash (at least I managed to keep about 85% of my data this time). Dinner was an interesting affair, with me chattering on and on (I babble when I’m tired), and this time, the topic was the impending crewing at Tevis this summer. My long-suffering parents humor me with listening ears and bemused grins. My father, too, wants to ride Tevis, but he doesn’t have the same depth of obsession that I possess.

All of those elements combined to produce, in good humor, the following list:

Things Ashley is Not Allowed to do at Tevis This Summer Whilst Crewing:

– Max out credit cards on tack and gear.
– Bring back more suitcases than I left with.
– Buy a horse.
– Enter the ride last minute. (Like this would happen, since I don’t have my qualifying mileage.)
– Move to Auburn.
– Buy anything too large to fit in my suitcase and thus have to ship it home.
– Buy a new saddle.

In my mother’s words, “Are you there to crew or shop?”

All of this was in good humor, but it is true. I’m somewhat prone to impulse buys as it is, and tend to get caught up in the excitement of Tevis fever. To give myself credit, the largest impulse purchase during the two times I’ve been up there was an aluminum S-hack. Besides, that what shopping lists are for, right? Just stick to the list…

8 thoughts on “Things Ashley is Not Allowed to do at Tevis

  1. Who are you crewing for? Even if I dont ride, I’d love to go up and watch and perhaps meet you in person? Don’t worry – no weird creepy stalker type here – just genuine curiosity to meet a fellow blogger.

  2. Yeah, I’m heading over to the Owyhee Fandago ride this next weekend, which will draw big FEI riders and the like. Lots and lots of vendors. I’m telling myself the same things…”I have everything I need, I have everything I need….except for a new halter….NO!….I have everything I need…”


  3. Elly, I know!!! I definitely *do* need a new halter — my Zilco one is about seven years old and feeling the effects of hot Arizona summer! And then I need some tights…I’ve got several pairs, but all but one of them have felt the effects of the vicious AZ desert plants and are not really fit for public consumption!

  4. Good luck sticking to a shopping list, last time I did that I came home with 2 easyboot gloves, a sponge & leash, and easyboot foam…and hands more than lingered over some halter bridles and hacks, but I managed to get some control over the episode of uncontrolled “tack-itis”.

    Awesome you are getting to crew at Tevis. I'd love it! ~E.G.

  5. The Sac horse expo is coming up in a few weeks. I debating whether to go or not because there is so much COOL stuff there.

    BTW – Ashley – how you solve the shopping list problem – peruse the endurance equipment catelogs before hand and put EVERYTHING on it that you could POSSIBLY want!

  6. AAh, Im readin all those blogs of you people on the other side of the earth. I so would like to see Tevis in real life. Hope it will hapen some day.
    And I so understand you with this shoping thing. I cant go to the tackstore without coming back with some new stuff for my horse. Sadly here is no endurance tack. I spend about 200euros(atleast) in month for my horses tack.

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