Odds ‘n Ends

Not a whole lot of new happenings to report around here…I’m down to the last week and half of school before a three-week break between spring and summer session, so that’s kept me busy. Short rides last weekend, as the ponies were a bit sore from trimming. *growl* I rasp Mimi for six weeks and she’s perfect, my farrier comes and trims her, and she’s sore. Wonder what it would take for me to get good enough at rasping to not have to bring the farrier out.

Vet was out today for spring shots, and to get Beamer’s teeth done. For once in my life, I escaped with the lowest vet bill of the whole barn. *happy dance* Mimi, miraculously, only needed 4-Way and West Nile shots. So they’ll probably get another weekend of taking it easy coming up, since I want to give their bodies time to get the shot toxins out of their systems before working too hard in the heat.

Shoring up details for the summer…looks like I’ll be going out to help crew for friend Lucy at Tevis…I’m to be Roo’s Official Boot Person, since apparently I’ve got the most experience using Renegades. Time to make the list of things I need to stock up on from Tevis vendors. Need: new Zilco halter, collapsible water bucket, and riding tights. Want: Lots of frivolous things that I can’t afford. Just keep telling myself that I have to be able to pack all this stuff in my suitcase to take home. I did tell Dad I’d find him one of the nice scrubby sponges and bring that home for him.

Aside from that, the non-horsey part of summer includes at least one San Diego trip (my journey in escapism and regaining my sanity after weeks of schooling) in which I accomplish little, save for a lot of beach time, come back red as a lobster, fade to a suntan for about three days, then go back to ghost-white. Of course, that last part can also apply to crewing at Tevis when I inevitably forget my sunscreen.

4 thoughts on “Odds ‘n Ends

  1. We're excited to have you join the official “Roo Croo” for Tevis! Renee suggested your shirt should read “Boot & Butt Girl” since you offered to massage as well. j/k ;) It will be nice to meet you in person. =)

    ~ Crysta

  2. I have a feeling that even if the shirt doesn’t say that, it’ll end up being my new nickname! I got good practice on the massage thing today…gave Mimi a good neck/body massage, post-shots…seems to help her keep from getting stiff from any potential vaccine-reactions. I’m definitely looking forward to Tevis, and the chance to meet everyone in person!

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