Keeping Busy

The “conflicted cactus” out in the San Tans…it looks how I feel right about now!

Whew. I feel like my life’s been a little bit of crazy for the past week and a half. My mother’s been out of town, so I’ve been taking care of everything she normally does, as well as my usual routine, and still managing to sneak out and ride. On top of everything, spring allergies make me want to curl up and sleep every time I get a spare second to sit down.

I’ve still been getting some good rides in…the ponies got a good workout last weekend, especially Sunday — 15 miles in 3 hours, which is *blazing* speed for us during training. :) And that includes a potty/tack adjustment break. The previous day, Saturday, was a bit slower, and I brought my camera out, so I used to time to get caught up on some picture-taking.

And we rode again yesterday, with wind gusting up to 40mph. Yes, we really are crazy. But the ponies did so well, I was very proud of them.
In other news…Karen Chaton started a group on Facebook for Renegade users and people interested in Renegades…she and I are both administrators for it. Check it out here if you’re interested! I’m also on Facebook, listed under one of the group admins, so feel free to friend me!

Thanks for reading! Comments are always welcome!

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