Goodbye, Spring

We had a great ride yesterday…our first warm training ride of the season. The temps were flirting with 90* by yesterday afternoon, so I’m glad we rode early. We beat a lot of the traffic, and as such, only had to contend with one large group of hikers (Beamer had fun chasing them down the trail and making them scatter off to the sides…reminded him of Man Against Horse) and a mountain biker.

We did the standard big loop again. What’s nice is, the more we ride that loop, the more of it we’re able to trot. Both ponies were exceptionally good yesterday, especially for not being ridden for a week. I’ve been petsitting at a friend’s place this week, which has left me little to no time during the week to go ride.

Now it’s off to go do a repeat of yesterday…this time with even warmer temps, oh goody.

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