AERC Convention 2016

Another whirlwind Convention weekend has come and gone, leaving me short on sleep but exhilarated, inspired, and content after spending the weekend with some of my best friends and endurance “tribe.”

Convention means:


running the Renegade Hoof Boots booth



snow on the way in to Reno



saddle testing…meet the new love of my life that will someday be gracing a saddle rack in the tack room…one of the flapless ReactorPanel models



way too much fun with saddle testing…where’s that Money/Saddle Fairy when I need her?!?



hanging out with friends

With tack swap sales, a teeny bit of shopping, really yummy food (all-you-can-eat sushi!!!) and drinks all thrown in, it makes for a really fun weekend.

Capped off with a driving tour of the Virginia City 100 ride, courtesy of Lucy and Kaity, who have both ridden it multiple times. They succeeded in getting me hooked on the idea of doing this ride, for sure.

5 thoughts on “AERC Convention 2016

  1. I’ve have a nearly identical picture of myself in that same saddle. Ugh. I total want one now that I tried it out at the convention. I just need to convince my husband that that would be an even remotely justifiable use of our savings.

    • My comment to Lynne (Glazer), who was in the RP booth, was “I can hear my butt singing the hallelujah chorus when I sit in this.” Sadly (for my wallet) I suspect I will be saddle shopping in the future and this is going to be my go-to with all digits crossed that it’ll work. I’ve drooled after RP saddles for the past 15 years, so I gotta own one at some point. :)

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