Days of Thanksgiving — Days One thru Seven

The Challenge: Every day for the month of November, find something to be grateful for during the day, particularly during moments I might otherwise normally grumble about. It doesn’t have to be a novel or daily memoir, just a sentence or two will suffice.
Day One: To have Mimi boarded at a place that provides excellent care and a good lifestyle for her, even during my own phases of riding-lite. The kind of care and turnout she gets allows me to feel not too guilty about the times when I don’t make it down as often as I should.

Day Two: Customers calling in with questions and orders = job security.
renegade order page

Day Three: Easy access to the dirt-surface canal paths for walking/running/taking the dogs out means I’m not relegated to sidewalks and neighborhood streets.

Day Four: Rainy morning really makes it feel like a proper fall day.

Day Five: Friends that help encourage, guide, and support me.
Epic Tevis Adventure, 2014 Edition: Part One: Extracurricular Riding Time

Day Six: Funky exercise apparel that makes me smile. Sometimes it really is the little things in life.

Day Seven: A really good relationship with my parents, the fact we see eye-to-eye on so much of life, and that we all enjoy each other’s company. A quick “pop my head into the office with a brief comment on something horse-related” turned into a lose-track-of-time, highly entertaining regaling of all kinds of horse tales, future plans, and lots of laughter.
rio hike 019
P1020272 IMG_2970

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