Meet Sofie

Two weekends ago, I made a very last-minute road trip up to Moab, UT, to go pick up the newest addition to the family.


Meet BriarBey Sofie. She’s a 4-year-old Decker Rat Terrier — and the mother of Artemis.

She’s a very sweet, snuggly girl who really loves to go for walks, tolerates Artemis’s overabundance of enthusiasm, and has been a fabulous addition to the household in the week that she’s been here.


picking up a dog and sneaking in a ride

We’ve most often had two dogs at one time in the household, and I think the addition of a second dog will ultimately be really good for Artemis to have the canine company. (Currently going through some growing pains as the spoiled child is adjusting to having to share her world…fortunately Sofie is really uncomplicated.)


Artemis at left, Sofie at right

It’s an interesting dynamic, bringing the mother dog into a household where the daughter has been the only dog…I’m still not quite sure how everything will play out with the pecking order. But I’ve definitely been guilty of spoiling Artemis, so the good thing about all of this is it is making me readjust my approach to dog handling and to start correcting some of the misbehaviors and indiscretions I’ve allowed to happen.


old saddle pad = excellent dog bed


pretty Sofie


“play with me!”
They look very similar, but easy enough to tell apart: Artemis has a black back, Sofie has more white and spots.


a girl and her Deckers

2 thoughts on “Meet Sofie

  1. I was so excited to see this news on Facebook!!! BriarBey kennel is only 2 hours from my place and I had talked to them about a dog but then life happened and now I have no money for a second dog. It’s crazy that her dogs seem to be all over the country though! They must be pretty exceptional. What kennel is Artemis’ dad from?

    • Ah, shoot. Hopefully things settle down for you coming up so that you’re able to get a second one.

      Artemis’s dad is Hercules, out of the Lil Ranchin Kennel ( in southern CA. (I got to meet him while in Moab, and he is just the coolest dog. Artemis got a lot of his really happy, excited-at-life personality.)

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