Happy 22

photo (65)Happy Birthday, Mimi! 22 years old today…and still such a pony. She’s an interesting dichotomy. In some ways, I can say she’s definitely aged. Physically, I can see it…although it’s a case of not seeing it unless I go back and look at photos and compare to today…and of course she has her on-and-off days of physical crunchiness, especially in her hocks. But mentally she hasn’t slowed down at all…still smart, sassy, and always within a couple seconds of pulling a fast one on me. Now seems like a good time for a photo spam day.

Leading ears at Mount Elden in Flagstaff, AZ. June 2009.

Man Against Horse 50. October 2009.

Horse camping at Little Elden Springs, Flagstaff. June 2009.

Bad hair day. Usery Mtn Park, January 2015.

First LD. Man Against Horse 25, October 2005.

Fashion plate? January 2010.

Las Cienegas 25, Sonoita, AZ. Dec 2006.

Sulking out of camp on loop 2 at the Valley of the Sun 50, February 2009. (Two miles of sand wash = sulky pony.)


Finding the ribbons on the Man Against Horse trail. October 2007.


Evening training ride.

We can never be sure what the future holds…I can only hope for a number of happy years still to come with her…she may be competition retired, but she’s not ready to be put out to pasture quite yet!

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