2014: That’s A Wrap

I so very badly want to say “and good riddance,” but any year that sees me turned into an actual trail runner can’t be all bad.

Many things certainly did not go as planned, and I’m pretty sure I spent the least amount of time in the saddle that I have since I started riding. I think if I hadn’t had the trail running, I probably would have gone absolutely out of my mind climbing the walls, but hitting the trail with my own two feet kept me (reasonably) sane.

As far as 2014 goes, it may not have gone as planned, and I may have spent far too much time dwelling on that the past few months, but looking back, it was actually pretty decent.

Got to ride Libby again. We may not have
technically completed, since we came in
overtime, but we had a good time and got in
a good training ride.
photo by Susan Kordish

Still got some pony time in. Sensing retirement is imminent, but
will still keep taking advantage of the good days when I can and
when she says she’s feeling good.

my girls

Fun times meeting with fellow bloggers at the AERC
Convention in Atlanta. 

And did I ever! Some riding, and lots of

Lots of time with my favorite running buddy!

Another epic Tevis crewing adventure!
(That’s Artemis’s full younger brother Spike I’m holding.)

One of my best friends got married, and I was
one of her bridesmaids. This is probably the
first and last dress pic that will grace this blog.

Seeing more of the Tevis trail!

Ran a road race (15k) — as in ran the whole
thing — and didn’t die!

But these were way more fun! Ended the year with 48 race miles
total…racked up way more run miles than ride miles. *shrug*

Semi-swimming in the Salt River.
May not have ridden much, but the
times I did, it was usually pretty fun!

I’m not one to make resolutions (“inebriated declarations of good intent”), and quite honestly, I’ve thoroughly embraced the “no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy” mentality when it comes to trying to plan things out too far in advance, since it all falls apart anyway.

I’ve got my spring roughly mapped out in terms of trail runs (which you’ll find out about as they happen, lest I alert the universe to my plans and jinx myself), and it looks like I’ll probably be doing the Bumble Bee ride again…just the fun ride this time, since my saddle muscles aren’t in shape.

Beyond that, my only immediate plans are to snore in the New Year…I generally have a rule about going out on New Year’s Eve — I don’t — and have no plans to break it this year. (Currently chuckling a bit at the all-day rain forecast, and the 29* overnight temps…that’ll put a crimp in the Fiesta Bowl and block party celebrations. And it may even put out the dog-and-pony-startling fireworks. Love fireworks, but prefer to see them in a place and environment that isn’t disturbing my animals…like Disneyland.)

Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years Eve, whatever your plans may be, and we’ll see you in 2015!

7 thoughts on “2014: That’s A Wrap

  1. I thought you had an amazing year! I really know how you feel – it wasn't the year you'd hoped and planned for. But so much good running, and some good endurance-related road trips and crew stories.

  2. And that's what I had to remind myself…there were a couple of major bummers, but I can't let that spoil the entire year, so this really helped me reflect on what *was* good!


    I've also thoroughly LOVED reading about all of your running adventures this year. You're a huge inspiration to me to get out on the trails in the new year and do some trail running of my own! A new wildlife management area JUST opened that is right by my place and my first thought was, “OMG I can do the trail running thing like Ashley!” It's reputably got a 4-mile loop!

    Cheers to an awesome new year of adventures, and sweet dreams to you as you bring in the new year ;-)

  4. Thank you! :)

    That is awesome about having a new trail so close to you…definitely makes it easier to get out there is you've got close access! And I'm happy I inspired! I got the bug for this from Mel, so it's sort of a pass-the-inspiration-torch thing. :)

  5. Sounds (And looks) like a pretty great year. I think our high expectations can lead to being disappointed, but any trail time is good, and your running is awesome. Happy new year and new adventures!

  6. It's kind of funny…some of the disappointments (personal life stuff I never really went into detail about here) were what put me on the path of running, so I guess in a way, it actually overall turned into a good thing.

  7. Love the header! And the great highlights from a year that may not have gone exactly to plan but that you still salvaged and turned into something special. that's the best we can do anyway, and well done you. You look so great on Libby and in your running photos. Happy New Year!

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