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‘Tis the season…arguably my favorite time of the year…

Tevis time!!!

Once again, I’m Auburn-bound to crew…this year, it’s crewing for “Team Lurgy”, aka Lucy Trumbull and Fergus. They completed in 2012, so it’s fingers crossed for another great year.

For everyone’s education/enjoyment/entertainment (I have a twisted definition of what is entertaining), I’ve compiled some of my favorite link to videos and other Tevis resources.

  • “The Tevis Cup” videos by Bob Kelley. Part 1 and Part 2. A good overview and information, especially for those new to the ride or considering it. I think a lot of the footage was from back in 2009/2010, so maybe not 100% up-to-date, but the basics of this ride — especially the prep work and principles of being ready for it — don’t change.
  • HRTV’s “Inside Information: Tevis Cup” video.
  • Endurance.net’s “Tevis Trail” flyover video. A flyover, via Google Earth, of the trail, showing the terrain. This really puts some of the mountains, canyon, and climbs into perspective.
  • 2013 Highway 89 crossing video. See the entire field of horses pass by at the Highway 89 crossing, approximately 5-6 miles into the ride. Video is edited down to approximately 10 minutes…although riders are still pretty closely bunched together at this point of the ride. (Having been at the crossing in 2012, I would say it took ~30-40 minutes to see all the riders go through, depending on the size of the entry field.)
Doing a search on YouTube for “Tevis” will also net a variety of different videos — trail footage, ride coverage, more overviews and information, etc.

And my blog roll sidebar has a number of blogs from those of us who are Tevis junkies or involved in it in some form or fashion, either riding or crewing, and have the stories, tips, and checklists to go with it.

Found a particular good resource I missed or you’d like to share? Let me know and I’ll include it!

2 thoughts on “Tevis info links

  1. I was shocked by the Google Earth flyover! That really puts things into perspective! I really enjoyed the highway crossing video too. It was neat to see the variety of horses and riders going through.

  2. The flyover is insane. I've pre-ridden a few sections of the trail, and seen enough of it to go “whoooaaahhhh”…but seeing the scale of the mountains through the google perspective is really something else.

    Highway is fun as a spectator. I was able to be down there in 2012 because I wasn't crewing for any one specific person, so had a little more time. And I just realized I never wrote up my 2012 Tevis story, which is why I never talked about being down there. Bad blogger, bad! :P

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