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One thing I hear from a lot of endurance riders is a dislike for arena work. While it’s not my favorite thing, I don’t really mind it, and I definitely do my best foundational training in a controlled arena setting. Just for fun, I turned on one of my GPS apps this past weekend to clock my ride time with the pony.

What I learned was interesting.
Duration: 31:50
Distance: 3.18 miles
Average Speed: 6.0 mph
Max Speed: 9.5 mph
Mimi consistently walks at 3.5-4 mph. She can bump it up faster, but that is her comfortable range. Her trot is 7-9 mph, and her canter is 8-9 mph. I found it curious that, for us, cantering gains us nothing in terms of speed and covering ground, but it does offer up a change of gait and muscles used.
The arena at the barn is all sand, too, so that was the equivalent of a pretty good sand wash workout. And when I’m in an arena, I’m not just riding endless laps. I ask for engaged collection, we do a lot of gait changes, and circles, and flexion. So I was pleasantly surprised to see just how effective of a workout my arena sessions can actually provide.
A few photos from the past couple of weeks:
New browband from Taylored Tack to dress
up an old bridle. Mimi has always been the
purple princess.

she will slam on the brakes in the middle of
a schooling session if she’s thirsty

Perky Pony!
New reins, also from Taylored Tack. They’re
purple, and camo. How could I resist???

7 thoughts on “arena work stats

  1. It's awesome…I imagine a bright blue would be a popular color. I haven't posted a photo of them yet, but I just got a new pair of tights that are a royal blue, black and turquoise camo print.

  2. I've been meaning to do a GPS of an arena ride, but now I don't have to because you've already done it!:) I had been thinking an hour workout would give between 6 and 9 miles, depending on how much trot and canter work you did, and your results back that up.

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