AERC educational videos

This is a great new resource for those who are new to endurance riding, interested in starting endurance, or maybe who have been at it for a while and could stand a refresher…

AERC’s YouTube Channel with different educational and promotional videos.

Currently, there are educational, how-to videos covering the topics of the vet check, what to pack in your crew bag, and the basics of horse camping.

There are also some great videos that show coverage of this year’s AERC Convention…including interviews with some of the vendors who were set up there.

Yes, that’s the Renegade booth…and yes, that’s yours truly. With absolutely no advanced notice or head’s up…not too bad for completely on-the-spot interviewing.

Anyway…check out the rest of the videos, and remember, as always…if you have questions about endurance riding, email me or leave a comment! I still feel like I’m muddling my way through this sport most of the time, but if my experiences can help in any way, I’m always happy to share.

Thanks for reading! Comments are always welcome!

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