2013 ride season wrap-up

Considering this weekend is the last weekend for the 2013 AERC ride calendar, and I don’t have plans to be anywhere, I can safely call it a wrap on the 2013 ride season for myself. And what a season! I ended up doing more endurance miles in one season than I had done to date, and almost as many LD miles.

Final tallies:

— 8 rides (4 endurance, 4 LD)
— 210 endurance miles
— 115 LD miles
— 4 different horses
— 4 different rides I’d never been to before
— first back-to-back 50s
— 2 100s crewed
— 2 rides volunteered at

I had a great time this year, and can’t wait to see what the 2014 season brings!

3 thoughts on “2013 ride season wrap-up

  1. Awesome! My ride season was totally weird but fun, for what it was. You've inspired me to do a wrap up too, Lol.

    Hope you are stilling thinking of coming to visit and going to a ride with me next year!

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