Happy Birthday, baby girl!

My sweet baby girl is 20!!!

Okay, so her birthday was actually last Sunday, but I lose horsey mommy points for being off gallivanting at a ride on the exact day…with another horse…the nerve!

I have a hard time believing this pony is actually 20 years old…she does not act her age most of the time. (Crunchy hocks notwithstanding.)

She was in quite a happy mood this morning and obliged me with several rounds of “The Many Faces of Mimi.”

itchy face!
trying to figure out her reflection

she does not do self-portraits
(or she thinks my orange phone case is for her)

And a bonus for me: New half chaps! My old ones are just about dead and can only be taped/repaired in so many ways before they just won’t work. They’re also getting a bit too big and baggy on me, so I’ve been having some challenges with them rotating around on my leg.

These are from Just Chaps, the fringed suede style. Super comfy, and the elasticized back means they have some good stretch on the size, allowing me to get a smaller sizer that’s short enough for my lower legs. Yay, no chaps bunching around my ankles or jamming under my knees.
And I love the flippy western fringe! Didn’t know if the flopping would drive me nuts, but I figure that it never bothered me with my full Western show chaps back when I was showing, so these would probably be okay…and sure enough, once I’m in the saddle, I never even notice.

never too far removed from my show-ring

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