ride prep? what ride prep?

So it somehow completely failed to register that I have a ride this weekend. Intellectually, I knew, since I’ve been texting back and forth with riding cohort Stephanie, and had given ride management a heads up that I was coming and what days I was planning to ride, and I’ve got a few of my infamous post-it note lists floating around on my desk…

I’m leaving Thursday morning, and the only thing I’ve done so far is wash my saddle pad and put a different bit on one of my headstalls.

See what I mean?

I still have to: grocery shop, pack my clothes, clean my tack, and pack my horse stuff.

And I got to spend the morning in the tire shop after one of the suburban’s stem valves decided to rip and leak overnight. Yay. On the plus side: I now know how to change a tire. At least I got to learn in the relative comfort of my own front yard. I still prefer the 1-800-Roadside-Assistance option.

I’ve been stalking the weather reports for the weekend. Weather.com says, for Fri/Sat/Sun: 82/83/82 for highs and 43/44/44 for lows. Accuweather says: 89/90/88 and 55/53/54. Ummm. Really hoping weather.com has it right. Not looking forward to that kind of heat at 7500′ elevation. (Except the twisted part of me that says, “Well, you’ve been wanting to get your heat conditioning in…and you’re always claiming you do better at hot rides than cold ones…time to test that theory.”)

And what am I doing? Blogging. :)

Although I did myself a favor by not completely unpacking from Prescott. Laundry and horse stuff, yes, but my pack with all of my sunscreen and various toiletries is still put together. One less thing to do.

Okay, time to herd cats sort clothing for the weekend.

3 thoughts on “ride prep? what ride prep?

  1. Hahahaha. Some might say “but it's only Tuesday” – but you and I both know that Tuesday/Wednesday is already crunch time for ride prep!

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