After being gone for the last three weekends in a row, I’ve got a lot to catch up on (including riding my pony). I did good in getting my 20 Mule Team crewing adventure story out in a timely fashion, but the next two weekends required a lot more prep to get ready, so relating those tales got pushed to the back burner.

Two weekends ago, I did back-to-back 50s at the Old Pueblo ride in Sonoita. It was my first 50 in three years, and my first time doing back-to-backs. I finished both days on two different horses, one of whom was doing his first 50. Great fun and an awesome weekend and I predict the write-up will be long and extensive. (Isn’t it always?)

And last night, I got back from the AERC Convention in Reno. I ran the Renegade booth at the trade show and had an awesome time. It was my first time going to the convention and I had a blast getting to hang out with old friends, meet people face-to-face, and make new friends. Bottom line: Short on sleep, long on fun, and a good time was had by all (I hope). More photos and stories to follow on that as well.

Now it’s back to catching up on work and sleep…and the riding of my own pony.

4 thoughts on “Cliffnotes

  1. So… the convention in Atlanta next year… you are coming, right? I'm beyond excited about the convention being in my backyard next year and hope to see as many of you bloggers there as I can.

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