Tevis Fever: Crew Edition

With the official countdown nearing the two-week mark, it’s time to start getting really excited about Tevis.  Preparations are in order, stuff is getting organized, I have plane tickets and am crafting packing lists.

Apparently, crewing Tevis is supposed to be harder (to some) than riding it.

I never got that memo until after I’d crewed it three different times.

Ignorance is bliss?

Because I never found crewing it that hard.  A bit stressful at times, maybe a little nerve-wracking…definitely deficient in the sleep department when it’s all said and done.  But I actually love it.

I guess that’s proof that I have Tevis Fever really bad and love anything having to do with the ride.

I crewed at the 2004, 2005, and 2009 rides.  I think part of the reason crewing hasn’t made me pull my hair out is the fact I’ve always been part of a fairly large crew team, which definitely helps take some of the pressure off.  There’s still the unavoidable, slight stress inducer of “The Great Trailer Race” out of Robie Park and down to Foresthill.  But crewing has been a great chance for me to really hone my own eventual ride plan and strategy.  (I might have one of those 2″-thick three-ring binders floating around that’s been dedicated to this purpose…*innocent whistle*)

Robinson Flat, Tevis 2009
Crewing for Lucy Trumbull and AM Ruwala Land — “Roo”
That’s me making sure Roo eats his carefully prepared snacks.

This year will be a little different.  I’m not crewing for any one person in particular.  Instead, Renegade is sending me up in a work-related capacity to help with booting before the ride, be on-hand as needed during the ride, and take lots and lot of pictures.

I’m planning to be at the Highway 89 crossing first thing in the morning to get video footage.  It’s a popular area for filming and I’m hoping I can get some good shots here.  Then I’ll be up at Robinson Flat, the first big one-hour vet check @ 36 miles into the ride.  This is the first place that the crews can meet their riders.
I think I’ll be up at Robinson the whole time riders are there, since I won’t have to be back down to Foresthill (next one-hour check, 68 miles into the ride) until mid-afternoon.  I poked at the logistics of trying to be someplace like Michigan Bluff (~60 miles), but can’t figure out how to make the timing work without ending up missing riders at both locations.  So I settled on Foresthill (at least for this year…) and will take as many pictures as I can before I loose the light.
And then I’ll head down to the Finish.  I want to stay up at least until all of our riders come in, so I can get (probably crappy, depending on light) photos at the finish line.  I’m planning on just camping there at the Fairgrounds, since I’ll just be back to watch Haggin Cup judging anyway.  Time driving = less time sleeping.  Plus, Auburn is closer to the Starbucks.  :)
Fingers crossed and looking ahead, doing the anti-gremlin dance, and counting down the days until Tevis 2012!

4 thoughts on “Tevis Fever: Crew Edition

  1. I'm crewing too, and for some seriously experienced people. They have told me about “the binder” with all the info. Ever since you said it was so hard I've been worried! But what an adventure! Yeah for all of us!

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