5 Years!

Happy blogiversary to me…it’s five years now that I’ve been able to keep this going, and considering we’re only a quarter of the way through the year and I’m already at my second-highest number of blog posts/year, I might have finally figured out this whole “regular posting” thing.

Ironically, it’s during a time when I’m not riding competing, and should in theory have nothing to write about.

I originally started the blog for my own purposes of remembering stuff that happened and keeping myself on track.  I’ve always loved to write, have been fascinated by others’ ride stories, and figured this would be a good place for me to store my own thoughts and memories of rides I’ve done.

What I didn’t anticipate was how this blogging thing would spiral off in unexpected directions.  It’s been invaluable in forming a network and introducing me to great new friends.  It’s given me an outlet for writing.  And writing was an integral part of how I got my job with Renegade.

So I owe a lot to the blog…and THANK YOU, my readers/subscribers/followers, whether you’re new here, or been following me since the beginning.  I value your input, your contributions, and your friendship.  I still haven’t met most of you in person…but thanks to blogging, I feel like I know you and can call you my friends.

This sort of snuck up on me…I just happened to be looking at older posts when I realized, “Hey, the anniversary of my first post is coming up.”

And I’m actually writing this post a couple days ahead of time and scheduling it to post on the day, since I figured I would probably forget on the actual day.

But next year, I’ll plan better and come up with some kind of blog-party or something.

12 thoughts on “5 Years!

  1. Very cool! I've had my blog just a year now but am already reaping the benefits of new friends and lots of great advice and input from people I never would have hooked up with otherwise.

    New to your blog but enjoying it! Keep it up :)

  2. Woah dude! I'm just over four years – five is very impressive! (Even more impressive that you noticed your anniversary, lol!) Nothing wrong with a little scheduling of posts. ;)

  3. Congrats!!!! I started in 2009, so I'm looking at 3 years now. It's been said that most blogs die after year or so, I once I got over that hump, I figured i was here to stay :).

    The anniversary I'll probably get to before 5 years is 1000 posts. I'm really hoping I don't just post something stupid and realize CRAP – THAT was my 1000th post!!!!

  4. That's what I figure…I've gone on temporary hiatus status in the past where I just couldn't deal with blogging for a couple of months, but I've finally started finding a regular rhythm for posting…and stuff to post about.

    I hate trying to track my number of posts, because I tend to have stuff in draft form, so until blogger's recent format switch, I was never quite sure whether it was telling me how many posts were live, or if it was a total of live + drafts. I'm approaching 200 posts, though.

  5. I actually noticed I was coming up on 800 a couple weeks ago, but I couldn't come up with anything ~profound~ to say so #800 ended up being that last NEDA ride we did.

    I managed to do a giveaway once, but I'm just not that kind of milestone blogger!

  6. Yeah, haven't managed to do any giveaways…mostly because 1)I can't think of anything to give away and 2)I haven't thought of any kind of interesting interactive contests to set a giveaway around. Maybe once I eventually get another horse going and start competing again, I can tie a giveaway into that. I know Mel has done some cute giveaways related to “guess the ride time” or “guess the test score”…might have to take a page from her book.

  7. And you can also make those adorable animals you've done for giveaways, which make excellent little prizes. My creative outlet, aside from writing, is jewelry making…maybe I need to come up with some kind of endurance spin on a piece of jewelry and do that as a giveaway.

  8. Rhythm beads! Even just a clip-on bell + jewelry for the center ring of a breast collar would be awesome!

    I do needlepoint, and even a tiny piece takes WAY too long to give away to someone who might not adore it.

  9. I've actually got quite a few of those made already when I was experimenting with selling them. They're not really loud, more of a pleasant jingling. They were originally made for clipping onto the saddle, but if I change around what I was doing a bit and switch materials, I can probably use larger bells and make them sturdy enough to attach to the breastcollar.

  10. I want rhythm beads!!!! or endurance bling!!!!! or breast collar bling!!!!!!

    When does the contest start and what ridiculous thing do I have to do to enter it??????? :)

    I'm jealous ever since my sister (redgirl) won a kindle WITH BOOKS ON IT in a blog contest recently….

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