Before and After

It was Pony Bath Day today.

The Before:

I just noticed the tongue sticking out!

I took the worst pictures today.  Seriously, my adorable pony looks like a hippo.  But I wasn’t thinking when I took this first picture…should have stepped further back.

Funny thing, you can’t tell how dirty she actually is.  She is practically day-glow white in pictures even when she’s dirty, so no one actually believes me unless they see her in person and see how much dirt she packs into that coat.  Especially after I curry her.
She got a really thorough bath…fingernail scrubbing down to the roots of her mane and tail, rubber bath mitt all over her whole body, especially getting the scurfy stuff off her legs.  Sprayed her mane and tail with this avocado moisturizer spray stuff I really like (EQyss Avocado Mist) and left her in the washrack to finishing drying while I sized and fit Renegades on one of the barn owner’s horses.  
I really enjoy the whole process of boot fitting and sizing…it always interesting to see static fit versus dynamic fit — just because it looks like it fits at a standstill doesn’t always mean it’s the right fit once they start moving.  But that’s worth a whole other blog post.
Back to the pony, who was cooling her heels and getting cooed over by the two young daughters of a friend of the barn owner.  As a final touch, she got Show-Sheened on her mane and tail, fly sprayed, and this was the end result:
Again, my apologies for the hippo-head quality of this shot.  She kept making a bid for the grass the second I would try to step away far enough to get a decent pic.  So it’s her own fault.  And she really needed to be out in the sunshine for the full day-glow effect.
And I did this to my helmet:
Racing stripes!!!
They’re reflective, too.  I haven’t been using the velcro-on Salamander Beak visor of late, because I’m finding that sunglasses + tiny visor on helmet is really enough coverage, and it doesn’t block my upward vision quite as much.  If Mimi was a head-tosser, I’d be more concerned about not having a stiff visor to block potential upward head movement, but she tried that trick once, years ago, when I wore a Troxel helmet with a longer, stiffer visor.  She smacked her poll into the visor edge, and she hasn’t tossed her head upwards since.
Tomorrow’s supposed to be another triple digit day…I think I might hibernate next to the a/c vent.  Next weekend is supposed to be a reprieve down to the 80s (How you know you live in AZ: When the words “down into the 80s” is considered a reprieve) so the barn owner made some noises about hauling out to ride for one last chance at nice weather.
The one perk of hotter weather: Lees people out on the trail.

6 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. She's beeeutiful! So white and shiny :)

    I know exactly what you mean about the hidden dirt. Dixie often looks great when I pull her out of the paddock, but as soon as she starts to sweat she gets the rivers of mudsweat. Tomorrow is bath day here!

  2. Thank you! She wasn't thrilled with me because I was *so* thorough, which included scrubbing her face, which is like torture to her. I thought endurance horses were supposed to *like* water. She never got that memo.

  3. We're going to be UP to the 80s on Monday (positively tropical for Montana in April), so bath time is part of the plan for my horse, too. I sure don't miss my grey horse days. There are no shortcuts to a clean grey! They sure look fabulous after it's all done, though, don't they?

  4. I love greys. We always stood out in the show ring, even among the loud Appy spots of the POAs, and she really stands out on the endurance trail. i typically end up with at least one or two extra ride photos because photographers just *love* her.

  5. Oh, so sparkly! She does appear fairly clean in the before pic, white horses (like cars) can be deceivingly clean. My horse had a spa day today where I also took crappy photos, maybe they plan it that way. I hope she stays clean for awhile after that fantastic beauty regime, we'd never do it for ourselves but the horses sure get pampered.

    Love the orange reflectors, what are they from? The more orange accents the better (says me with screaming orange reins).

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