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Anyone else see or do one of those 30-day blog challenges that were flying around the ‘net for a time?  I’m giving some serious thought to trying one…inconsistent blogging is one of my “could use improvement” habits.

But I’m not a major fan of the challenges that I’ve found out there.  Most of them are aimed at the show world, which I am so far removed from these days.  Or they’re not at all horsey-related…and let’s face it, this is a (mostly) horsey blog.

So I think I’m going to come up with my own, trying to keep it mostly horse-related with a more specific adaptation to endurance.  Need a day or so to come up with 30 days worth of topics/questions.  So if anyone’s got any suggestions or ideas, I’d love some input!

5 thoughts on “Blog Challenges

  1. I usually think of topics while driving or doing something else so I keep a list next to me at all times so I can jot down a couple of sentences. Also, the more blogs I read, the more topic ideas I have – I'm not necessarily doing the same topics as I read – it's just that it reminds me of something.

    Also – caffiene. Lots and lots. For me, it's like switching the pump on and all of a sudden I have all these GREAT ideas. It's like some sort of awful drug. :)

    you could do a seires of posts on a 50 miler in 30 days. The first 3 days would cover prepping for the ride, travelling, arriving to camp, the night before, ride meeting etc. The next 25 days you could do 2 miles each, or a different aspect of the ride, problem solving etc, and the last 2 days days could be resting from the ride, recovering etc.

    Instead of 7 days a week, you could do 5 or 6 days a week posting.

    I could give you my list of ~40 topics I haven't gotten to yet… :)

  2. REALLY????!?!?!??! Blogger ate my huge topic giving youall sorts of ideas?????? and now I don't have time to rewrite because I have to go to school. :(

  3. Caffeine addicts 'r' us. :) I can't function without my 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning. As far as vices go, it's my preferred one…and I could do far worse.

    Gah…I don't think I've done enough 50s to manage 30 days on the topic. :) But I like the idea…I think I'm going to modify it into a topic of my personal ride routines such as things I do when traveling, etc.

    I'll take any topic suggestions…feel free to email me if you don't want to post them all here. I'm planning on posting a final list of the 30 days of questions I'll be answering before I actually begin the challenge.

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