Do-It-Yourself Photo Shoot

Can a girl ever have too many pairs of shoes boots?


Especially when they’re the right pair.

This is just from the last few years, and doesn’t include the couple pairs currently in use down at the barn.   Some of my earlier pairs have since been salvaged for parts and pieces.  The above pairs range from “barely worn with less than 100 miles on them” to “use only as a last resport because the toes are looking well-ventilated.”

All boots are matched up (with a couple of random sparesies, like the errant green one) and they fit really neatly in one of these Rubbermaid boxes:

As the post title would suggest, I had a bit of fun with a Do-It-Yourself photo shoot.  I needed some shots of the boots, and didn’t really have any that hadn’t been taken for purposes of “this is how they should fit.”  You know, the kind of photo that involves hooves, horse legs, and barn floor.  Even if they are cute pony hooves. 

But I’ve got a great backyard for photo-taking, even if I can’t exactly fit a horse in it. 

Somehow, that didn’t slow me down much.

As seen on Facebook.
Where are your boots taking you this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Photo Shoot

  1. I like the photos, I love my orange boots. I do wish Renegade would also do their updating on the website or a blog, as I don't “do” Facebook. Even if they just pulled the facebook posts onto the website with an RSS feed or similar. Would like to read your info too (and they haven't updated that news blog page since September 2010!)

  2. That's coming very soon. One of the things I was hired on for was to redo the news site, as well as be the chief maintainer and updater. I hope to have that up and going in the next couple of weeks.

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