New Job!

I’ve been offered — and have accepted — a new job, official as of today: I’m going to be working for Lander Industries Inc., makers of the Renegade Hoof Boots!!!

Details to follow as I figure out exactly everything I’ll be doing, but most of it will probably be computer-based, working from home.

I am so, SO excited about this opportunity!

8 thoughts on “New Job!

  1. Ashley – that's WONDERFUL. I approve! The boots are gaining quite a bit of local following here where I live – another 3 fittings this week! Please keep me posted :)

  2. Thanks, Caitlin! Happy to hear your Renegades are working out well for you. I'll be running the news page, so please send me news of how your rides are going and I'll put it up once the news page is running again: ashley AT renegadehoofboots DOT com

  3. Thanks, Mel! That's great that Renegade has someone like you that's dedicated to being a distributor and representative for the boots. As mentioned about, I'm going to be doing the news page, so any news you have to report, whether it's your own (once the page is up and running, with your permission, I'd like to reprint your 2010 Tevis story/boot story…going to be going back and filling in the year and half of missing news from when the page has been down) or news from others, send it my way: ashley AT renegadehoofboots DOT com

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