the weather outside is frightful

So maybe “Let It Snow” is an exaggeration here in the desert (unless you were in Cave Creek/North Scottsdale last Monday when enough snow fell to turn the ground white for a short time), but we do occasionally have our own winter weather in the form of rain.

Today is one of those days.  It started about 7ish this morning, and five hours later, it’s still coming down.  Not a torrential downpour, but a steady, consistent rain.  It’s really a lovely change of pace, and it really makes it feel a lot like winter for me.

It’s also the kind of weather that makes me unashamed to pull the “wimp” card and be relieved I don’t have to be out riding in it, making sure I get my conditioning miles.  Cowgirl up?  Nah, pass me another cup of hot cocoa and a fleece throw.

Mimi certainly isn’t begging to be out in it, either.  She really hates this kind of weather — both times she tied up, it was in cold, wet, rainy weather.  I sometimes wonder if it was deliberate…

(Yes, I know horses can’t deliberately tie up as a way of getting out of working in weather they hate.  But as clever as that pony is, it makes one pause and speculate…)

So on went a hat, waterproof boots, and something heavier and more weatherproof than a sweatshirt, and out I went to brave the elements for a trip to the barn.  Not only did I need to drop off Mimi’s supplements for the week, it was a good excuse to spoil her a little bit with a warm beet pulp mash.  Must encourage drinking in the cold weather.  And, yes, I like to spoil my pony.  Beet pulp, ground flax, a touch of oat bran, a scoop of e’lytes, a drizzle of agave syrup, and chopped up apple and carrots.  Mix together with hot water, and by the time I got down to the barn, it had cooled to a comfortably edible temperature.

She was still licking her lips when I left the barn.

Days like this make me glad for large covered stalls.  I think it’s also the rare occasion Mimi doesn’t mind being in a stall instead of braving the elements.  She, too, knows when to pull the “wimpy show pony” card.

One thought on “the weather outside is frightful

  1. :) I love spoiling my horses on occasion, particularly with warm mash on a cold day. It makes me feel like a little kid, baking horse treats in my mom's oven, just because I wanted to be doing *something* for them. LOL

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