It’s easy to be thankful when times are good.  The true test comes during the rough times.  For me, it’s learning to see through those rough times and find the good out of some less-than-joyous situations.

(Isn’t she diplomatic tonight?  Blame it on the post-food coma and a couple glasses of wine.)

– Going through the past year or so has brought my parents and I even closer together.  I’ve always had a good relationship with them, and we’ve really banded together in mutual support to solider through. I consider them to be some of my best friends.

– The friends that have held me up and held me together.  I have whined, bitched, moaned, and cried on shoulders.  And I’ve laughed, schemed, plotted, drank and giggled.  Friends are a support system, a network  I can count on and include as part of my family.

– Cute little fuzzy white pony ears that perk up when I walk out to the pasture, and the even cuter little fuzzy white pony face they’re attached to.  We’ve shared 15 years together.  God willing, we’ll share many more.

– Good music, good food.  The chance to indulge my interest in both.  Music’s my happy place, the kitchen is my non-horsey sanctuary.

– Hopes and dreams.  The ability to dream and think beyond the present gives me hope…”This, too, shall pass.”

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

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