Wild One

Someone really needs to remind my pony that: 1) She’s 18 years old and 2) Despite the fact that she lives surrounded by them, she is not actually an Arabian.

Friday’s day-long dust storm ushered in an overnight rain storm, and with it, and significant drop in temperatures.  Last week it was still in the high 80s.  Saturday, it was in the 50s.  Overall, I’m a fair-weather desert rat…but this weather change feels SO good.  Storm clouds lingered on the higher peaks of the Mazatzal Mountains and Four Peaks, which lie to the northeast of the Valley, and once they cleared off, a light dusting of white powder could be seen from miles away.  (Yes, we do get snow in the desert.)

Today was slightly warmer — in the 60s.  Absolutely perfect fall weather.  Mimi felt really good with the cooler temperatures.  She’s a funny little thing in that she really doesn’t like the cold, especially if it’s also wet.  But this kind of weather, particularly in the middle of a sunny day, makes her very happy.

She was super-energetic for our ride today, and I know I’m going to have to bum a ride from someone in fairly short order and get her out again…she needs ten miles or so to wear her out!  She had some issues with the idea of “walk” today, even offering a jig several times.  A jig!  In the arena!

What happened to my show-trained arena pony???

She is fun to ride when she’s that energetic, though.  Very forward and surprisingly easy to ride.  And it warms my heart to see her have that much energy and forwardness even for something like arena work.

(Today was a picture fail day…I actually needed two hands on the reins.  But I’ll leave you with an amusing mental image of my “confused cowgirl” look I’m currently rocking: western-style shirt, blue jeans, cowboy boots…English-style endurance saddle, helmet, and western leather headstall and rope reins for today’s schooling session.  Is it any wonder endurance is a good fit for me?)

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