Play Day

Last week, the barn owner asked me if I would be able to help out on irrigation day (I was going to be in the neighborhood anyway) by opening up the last irrigation ditch port and keeping an eye on the last 20 or so minutes of irrigation.

So just for kicks, Mimi and I “monitored” the irrigation as it came in…by riding in it.  Picture an approximately 4 acre pasture, covered in up to a foot of water in some places.  Because it was so newly irrigated and there’s a mature (if sparse) covering of grass in the pasture, it hadn’t yet gotten muddy.  The ground was firm, Mimi’s bare hooves gave her plenty of grip…so we went out and played.

She waded pretty cautiously at first, testing the footing to see if it was solid.  When we ventured into the deeper section, she sniffed at the water, then started pawing at it.  A couple times, she felt like she was going to offer to roll, and that earned her a swift boot in the ribs.  Funny, because she’s never once tried to roll in any other water crossings we’ve done.  Y’know, ’cause water crossing opportunities are so prolific in the desert… ;)

Flooded-out pasture.  Cell phone with its not-ideal camera
was the only camera I had on me.

It was a good chance just to play.  No pressure, no work, and a chance to remind Mimi that the saddle doesn’t always mean doing boring circles.

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