In about 5 hours, I will be leaving for the airport, whre I will fly up to Sacramento for…


Crewing Tevis, to be more precise. My rider is Lucy Trumbull, #170.

I should have Internet before and after the ride, although I won’t be bringing my computer with me to the actual ride. Something about a battery that only lasts for 15 minutes…

The ride’s live webcast can be followed here: http://www.teviscup.org/webcast/main.html. Rider upates will be posted regularly, and there is a feature called ‘Where’s My Rider?’ that allows you to type in a specific number and find out the last update on that rider (what time they came in to which vetcheck, if they were pulled, so on). Photos should also be posted.

Good luck to everyone riding Tevis this year!!!

2 thoughts on “Tevis-bound

  1. I'll look for you – my rider #is #75 if you see me.

    My crew is sponsered by foster farms, so look for the people in the foster farms “say no to plumping” hats and t-shirts if you want to introduce yourself. Most of the crew is family.

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