Spring Fever

Spring is definitely here. People and ponies alike are restless and antsy, and can’t get out on trail fast enough. Both ponies were full of beans yesterday. Beamer looks like he got into a fight with a chainsaw — and lost — from his over-the-fence face games with the other geldings. Mimi is going around with a permanent “pony glint” in her eyes, just waiting to see what kind of mischief she can come up with, be it chomping Beamer on the tail, sneezing all over me, or flipping her feed pan around.

They were both pretty full of themselves over the weekend, and as such, we rode fairly slowly both days. It wouldn’t have taken much encouragement for a working trot to turn into a hand gallop, and Beamer had his competitive “race brain” trying to take over. Hand-walking for a bit dissuaded him. And Mimi has embrace her springtime “3 weeks in, 1 week out” heat cycle. Someone remind me of this next time I fall in love with a feisty, opinionated, sometimes flat-out bitchy mare.

And the horsepeople are obviously feeling it, too. The parking lot was crammed with trailers yesterday, and from the sounds of it, a riotous good time was being had by all. Why do people feel the need to consume beer at 8:00 in the morning, just before you’re about to climb on a horse? And the various and sundry horse-related email lists I’m on are obviously feeling the need to get out and gallop for 10 miles or so. Sniping and ruffled feathers abound.

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