Saturday ride + Dust storm

San Tan Mtn Park
Scary Rock wash – up Cliff wash – back down Cliff wash – trotting road – San Tan trail
8 miles, 3.2 mph average moving

Oh, what fun…a PMSy horse and PMSy rider…my poor father. He had to listen to us bitch back and forth at each other all day. Well, actually it was rather one sided, since pony doesn’t really say anything…

Did a lot of wash work today, mostly trotting in them. Would have been a mostly good ride except for Beamer lost an Easyboot down in the big sand wash near the cliffs, and we didn’t discover it until about a mile later…whoops.

So we walked. And walked. Got my exercise in! This would be in a rather deep sand wash, of course. Found the boot. Have to say, it was getting a little warm by this time. That’s 2 rides in a row now, same boot each time. Tomorrow, Epics. Beamer’s heels will just have to get over it.

By the time we got back to the barn, there was quite a thunderhead forming out to the southeast, and by the time we unhitched the trailer, cleaned and waterers out, and played with Kelly, there was a huge dust storm heading our way. Scrambled and brought Mimi and Beamer in from the pasture, quite literally just in time. Mimi and I were jogging into the barn at the same time the first wave of dust hit…

It’s still blowing outside. There’s been a few spittles of rain, but not enough to even get the ground wet. Hopefully those clouds do more than just blow some dust around…we need the rain to cool things off!

EDIT: Forgot to add…found the saddle pad that works! Plain Woolback, nothing on top of it or anything. I think the problem with the others was they were too thick, and this saddle doesn’t need a thick pad…it’s very well cushioned and has a nice wool felt flocking in the panels.

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