Vlogging the Sonoran Preserve

I did something different this week and finally pulled out my GoPro and did something with it. I’ve taken video clips before, but never sat down and turned them into anything useful, but this time, I finally took my video footage and played around with editing it and turning it into a postable video.

I’m still very much in the learning process of editing/software/etc…but it wasn’t nearly as frustrating as I had expected it to be. Plus, the video format and pretty footage is a lot more interesting to watch…my training ride recaps can only be so interesting/entertaining, especially when there’s nothing dramatic to report (which is how I like it, so not complaining about that…). And I’m still behind on a couple ride stories (plus most of the summer), so this may be a way for me to keep my interest in blogging/vlogging and employ a bit of a chance of format.

So, let me know what you guys think! More videos? (And for anyone who does vlog…I am always game for any feedback and tips/tricks for whatever makes the process easier, or what you’ve learned along the way for what works well.)

One thought on “Vlogging the Sonoran Preserve

  1. I have never vlogged, but I sure did enjoy seeing yours. My device only let me whatch the first six minutes or so, but that is typical for my area’s internet. But what a lovely place you have to ride there! I can see how it would be good for conditioning purposes. Looks like you all were booking right along. I would love to join you, but I know none of my horses or I could keep up! I’d say that if you enjoy putting together the clips, keep expiramenting and having fun with the new format!

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