Off the Rails

When I go back to some of my previous years’ posts, or some of my social media posts from February’s past, I can only conclude that many times, it really isn’t my month as far as what I plan and what actually happens and that things tend to go off the rails more often than not.

We were supposed to have been at the Wickenburg ride this weekend. Except a week and half ago, Liberty came up with a very snotty nose and cough, and bloodwork suggested a likely minor viral thing. No idea how she picked it up, as the last time she was in a public setting with numerous strange horses was a solid month and half ago.

I think we’re on the tail end of that, and still hopefully looking ahead to the Old Pueblo ride in Sonoita in a couple of weeks.

Looking much more like herself. She was a pretty pathetic sight, with the snotty nose and cough, and definitely not her usual sparkle.

I’m bummed out over missing the ride — our season is definitely off to a slow start compared to what I had planned. We had a conflict with the Tonto Twist ride in January, but it was for riding in the Mark Rashid/Jim Masterson collaborative clinic, which was amazing experience and definitely worth missing a ride for, so I don’t feel bad about that. But no one likes a sick pony, so that’s not a fun reason to have to cancel ride plans.

Can we just have gotten all of the crap out of the way early on in the season? Too much to hope for?

2 thoughts on “Off the Rails

  1. I’m sorry your season hasn’t started of like you hoped, but hope Liberty gets well soon and onto more adventures!

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