October in Pictures

Well, October got away from me a bit. I feel like I crammed a lot into this month, and some of this stuff probably deserves its own post, but at least I’ve place-marked it here for the immediate time being.

Off in la-la-land to have dental done. After a session of natural balance equine dentistry, I saw some marked improvement in her acceptance of the bit and softness, so she definitely needed some work done. This was my first experience with this approach and so far, I’m liking it.
Someone got a new stable halter…and she doesn’t know what to think about it.
October is Mimi’s “Gotcha Day” month and this year marked 24 years together for us! <3
A good chunk of this month was devoted to working on trailer loading. She did good work last weekend, so <fingers crossed> that we’re on the leeward side of that climb.
New PerformaRide tights and matching buff.
October is also Sofie’s “Gotcha” month…5 years for my sweet heart-dog.
I set up my GoPro for one of my arena sessions. It…wasn’t pretty. At least screen caps I can selectively pause at “reasonably together” moments. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at video of myself ride, and let’s just say I’ve got some work to do.
This mare’s brain impresses me so much. That road in the background dips down at that point and then climbs again, coming within about 60′ away from where we park at this “trailhead” (really more of a large pullout off the road). We were passed by 18-wheelers, groups of motorcycles, trucks pulling boats, vehicles with kayaks and rafts strapped on top, and none of it fazed her. And at this point, we were the only ones there, too.
I love riding Bulldog Canyon. Aside from doing the Tonto Twist ride in January, it’s been a while since I’ve done any training rides out here and I forget how nice of a trail it is and how gorgeous the scenery it is. This is one of the larger wash sections but it’s a mix of sand wash and double-track road and single-track trails.
She’s another horse that I tend to have a stupid grin on my face whenever I ride, especially out on trail. We’re a bit of a hot mess express in the arena, but on trail is where she truly shines, and I spent most of the ride either giggling, or with an ear-splitting grin on my face. And a lot of exclaiming, “I love this horse.”
Salt River is running really low right now, but it’s still pretty, and made for very peaceful and easy drinking towards the end of our ride.

3 thoughts on “October in Pictures

  1. Wow, great riding pictures. I would love to ride through an area like that. And how awesome to have a horse who is so well-suited to the trails. You look like you are both having a ball!

  2. The mares that make you grin ear to ear are the very best thing <3 I love all of these photos, and especially your black and white outfit!!

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