Christmas 2017 and Looking to 2018

Merry Christmas, all! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, and didn’t have too bad of an eggnog-hangover this morning. (No hangover, but that 5AM workout was brutal this morning. For all 5 of us that showed up. In a group class that normally has about 25.)

I never ended up with a photo of her wearing the santa hat that wasn’t completely pissy and grumpy. “Christmas cheer” ≠ “make the pony look like an idiot”.


Bergie’s. Best coffee place ever.

Christmas weekend was quite relaxing and enjoyable. Dad and I did a last-minute Sam’s Club dash (for food, and a side order of last-minute gift inspiration) on Saturday…a stop at Bergie’s Coffee…then I spent a couple hours at the barn giving the pony a diligent Christmas pedicure. The santa hat never made an appearance, and she was so much more cooperative and cheerful than the past two weekends, both of which featured santa hat embarassment.

Lesson learned: No more embarrassing Christmas photos with the pony.


Christmas Eve dinner was spent with extended family, and Christmas Day was for me, my parents, and the pups. I spent most of the day with my nose in a book, putting a serious dent in our pantry tea selection.

One of my requests for this year was the last couple of required book materials for the Masterson Method equine massage courses. I started dabbling in this earlier this year, and attended one of the short seminars at Horse Expo, so one of the 2018 plans will be a more aggressive pursuit of the certification courses. (It’s not one of those “sit in a class for a couple days and come out with a certification” type of programs. They offer weekend seminars for those who just want to learn the basics to work on their own horse, but for program certification, it requires several separate courses, home study, and field work.)

As far as the rest of 2018, I really have no concrete plans and am just kind of playing things by ear…mainly taking catch rides as they come.

Hope the last few days of everyone’s 2018 are good…catch you all in 2018!

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