Pony Rides Photo Spam

I’ve gotten some good saddle time in over the last few weeks, both with my own pony as well as some more catch riding. But today seems like a good day for fewer words and more photos, so it’s pic spam time.

Retail Therapy
I scored a Hought Tack set (headstall, reins, breastcollar) on eBay at the beginning of last month. Very tricked out with glowbelt biothane and Horseshoe Brand hardware. Color combo is a little more “unusual” with the yellow/purple…but I actually ran a variation on this scheme for years with Mimi (mostly purple with yellow accents).

And while I certainly don’t need any more tack, it was a good balm to come home to this in the mail after an inglorious pull at Man Against Horse (that story still to come). Pony has been pressed into fashion plate service, and I’m really pleased with the fact it fits her really well. I took a chance on that aspect, since there was no size listed, but its obviously some sort of Arab/Cob size.

photo 4 (1)

new tack meets Sofie inspection approval

photo 1 (1)

“why do you do this to me, Mom?”

photo 5

the color combo looks really good on her, especially the yellow

photo 2 (1)

not happy at the neighbor’s bull

Catch Ride — Wyatt
Two weeks ago I did a 20-miler with Andrea (whom I rode with at Virginia City) on her mustangs, Lilly and Wyatt. I rode Wyatt, who is a large, sweet, 7-yr-old gelding. He’s a fun guy, like riding a big, comfy couch, and while still a little young/green with some things, he’s very honest and has a huge try.

photo 3 (5)

Wyatt Earp

photo 1 (3)

toodling along behind Andrea and Lilly

photo 2 (4)

working on being a brave leader


he was fun, and good for my confidence and ego — super-honest, with a big try, so as long as I was “with” him and supported him, he responded in kind and just got braver and braver the more leading we did

Catch Ride — Atti
Yesterday, I met up with Cristina and her two boys, Atti and Cosmo. She had asked me earlier last month if I would be interested in catch riding…she was the first to ask, so she got first dibs on me. :) She’s up in the Prescott area nad I’m down in the Phoenix valley, so we’re not super close, but we were finally able to make our schedules align to meet halfway and do an “introduction” ride.

Atti’s a ton of fun — he’s another Al-Marah (yes, that makes 4 AM horses I’ve ridden…one of these days I’m just going to have to get my own) and he reminds me so much of riding Mimi. Very strong and fast for his size, super catty/agile, but also bold, forward, and sensible.

We met up at the southern-most trailhead of the Black Canyon Trail, and headed north, exploring one of the last sections of the BCT I hadn’t yet seen. (There’s still one last little 5-mile section between the Table Mesa Trailhead and the point where we turned around yesterday that I haven’t seen.) Like a good part of the BCT, it was rough and rocky, interspersed with some parts where we could move out. We managed almost 11 miles in about 2 hours, so I’m really happy with that kind of pace for as rough-going as it was.

I do like the BCT…one of the topics we discussed yesterday was if I was going to sign up for the 60k at the Black Canyon Ultras in February. Haven’t yet…I’ll have to see how much distance running I can do this winter, because right now I’m in more riding and gym fitness shape than distance running shape.

photo 3 (4)

completely adorable Atti

photo 1 (2)

enjoying the Black Canyon Trail

photo 2 (3)

which way, Atti?

So I’ve got McDowell this upcoming weekend, and that will wrap up the 2017 ride season. It’s the closest, most local ride to me, only 45 minutes away, which is really convenient. And I haven’t given any thought to 2018 yet except for a mental note of “need to renew AERC membership.”

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