belated birthday wishes

I spent the last three days at The Mane Event expo in Scottsdale, working the trade show booth for Renegade, so I missed posting on Mimi’s actual birthday, which was on Friday.

So this is a belated happy 24 years to my bestest heart horse in the world.


It’s really hard to believe that she’s 24. Physically, there are times I definitely know that she’s showing some signs of her age, but mentally, she’s still going strong, and as long as she’s given some warm-up time, she is still physically strong and capable.

We were able to get out on trail again a couple weekends ago, and at one point, she was out-walking all five four of the other horse we were with. Never mind she was the shortest of the bunch, with the others ranging from 15hh to 17+hh.


best view in the world is between these ears

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