Happy 20 Years, Mimi!


In terms of major milestones, 20 years is a biggie. 20 years since I got my very own My Little Pony.


How do you even put into words the depth of the bond and partnership that forms over that long of a period of time? How many tears cried into that choppy, misshapen mane? How many confessions have those fuzzy ears heard that no other soul on this earth has heard? How much delight, frustration, fear, jubilation, learning, growing, changing have we gone through together?

I absolutely know she is my perfect heart horse and there will never be another one like her. Most people don’t get this lucky with their first horse, and I say a prayer of thanks on a regular basis that I did.

It’s hard to distill down the best of 20 years into a handful of photographs (and I’ve got a ton of photos). So many different experiences and activities, from show ring to endurance trail, and a whole bunch of everything in between. This is just a small handful…

Just a few of what amount to a lifetime of memories and experiences, learning and growing. Heartbreak, disappointment, success, joy. All wrapped up together in my best heart horse and best friend.

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